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The HTC Inspire 4G is the first smartphone available on AT&T Wireless branded as "4G". It's nothing more then an Desire HD locked to AT&T and running AT&T Software.

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How to replace a broken screen?

I dropped my htc inspire 4g and my screen shattered. It still turns on and works but glass is broken.

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Do you want to di it yourself or want someone to do it for you?


The clue on this site is the name.. "I" fixit.. You should give advice/guides that anyone following this topic could do from anywhere in the world. Try this guide on www.formymobile.co.uk htc very kindl made taking their phones apart pretty easy, and similar over dif models.


i bought all the parts and tried doing it myself and i completely ruined the phone. what a $%!% mess!!!!


okay virginia, sorry to hear you are having a hard time with it. what happened? If you broken something try to post some images so we can see what it is....


i gave up on it i think im jus goin to get another one. if you know anyone who wants it let me kno


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virginia, the part is available right here and most certainly other p;laces. This place just gives you a free repair guide with it. You can also check this video about the disassembly and use it as a guide to get it accomplished. There are also further videos on youtube that can help you to get it done. Good Luck

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Virginia, Ill take your old phone...

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