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Most comprehensive tool set to purchase to begin iPad/iPhone repair

General - Tools/Hardware Inquiry

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thanks so much![br]


was eyeballing this package for about a million years & would’ve pulled the trigger on it if: 1) i wasn’t living on a fixed, micro-micro-MICRO budget; 2) desperate to maximize every inch of space i’ve got in a very small place.[br]


my career/background is in Old School Telecomm, LAN/WAN Infrastructure & Security, but was always a DIY guy who tinkered at home using the compact toolsets given me by employers or picked up piecemeal. all gone now over a very turbulent decade-plus.[br]


but i’ve got to get back to work at any level, in any capacity just to keep sane. even at this price point, this is a big, necessarily long-term investment. i appreciate your advice!


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Repair Business Toolkit Is just about the best you can get

Repair Business Toolkit Bild


Repair Business Toolkit


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