Chime plays then gray screen displayed after water exposure

Hello, had a bit of a spill over the keyboard. Machine powered off on its own. Disassembled, noticed a couple of drops on the SSD and motherboard. Gave a perfunctory rinse with 99% rubbing alcohol on the MB, tried booting, got a chime, but gray screen is displayed, Disconnected SSD to same result. Should I be expecting a folder icon with a question mark instead on this model? What is the best thing to do to preserve the SSD (enclosure on its way)? is the package on the underside sealed with epoxy or some other adhesive? Or is there a water permeable gap? Should I try to clean with alcohol before trying the enclosure or will that damage the adhesive? How great was the chance of electrical damage from the above described test boot? Very worried.

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You said that there were a liquid damage to your MacBook and you cleaned the motherboard and the SSD. Your situation reminds me of this video of Louis Rossmann ( As you didn’t mention the chassis, maybe clean the keyboard and the touchpad will fix your machine ?

Hope I helped. :)


@Léana The link does not work.


@klutz ah sorry I edited the comment it should be working now


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