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iPhone XS replacement screen doesn't fit

Hi, I have one problem and I really hope to find somebody with answers. I need to replace an iPhone XS screen but…. My original screen doesnt have these metallic parts you use to clip it to the rest of the phone. The screen I have ordered at ifixit had them. This is all so very weird because I can't find any other types of screen online.

Block Image

Block Image

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See my answer below. I had the same issue.


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Ok, I had the same issues.

Looks like when you removed the screen part of it was still attached to the phone frame (metal frame, see photos). And that is where the latches are and that is what the speaker assembly is attached to.


Block Image

Back (after I pealed it off from the phone’s frame):

Block Image

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hello dcsprivat

:-) looks like you broke your original screen :-). Few parts of it should stay in the screen and make free place for a new ones. All front camera assy - should be screwed to a screen bracket, that is left in the housing of your phone. You have to take it off from the housing - be carefully - front camera flex is highly delicate and damage to it may lead to loss of function FaceID. Should be better for you take it to a proper repair shop (in my opinion you haven’t competencies and tools for it).

PS, There is still the problem of screws, which I do not see here. They could have stayed in the brackets or had fallen out. Anyway, without knowledge and experience you will not be able to finish it.

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what i do now with this metallic parts on the new screen????? I don’t get what problem do you mean with the screws?

Anyway, thank you!


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