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Business class notebook and mobile workstation released by HP in August of 2008. The laptop this guide is based off of is identified by the S/N CNU20937TQ.

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Randomly doesn't power on, not sure why

I actually have an HP Elitebook 8470p but its similar to the 8460p. Currently it has this random issue of not powering on and I don’t quite understand what the LED lights mean. Typically I can get it working by removing everything (ram, battery, cmos battery) and reinstalling the items until it runs again but its kind of annoying of having to do it everytime.

Also note the orange LED light does not show even with the battery plugged in (idk why) although it still charges the battery.

Someone else mentioned the possibility of it be a dying motherboard but I wanted to see if its possible to fix it rather than buying a new one.

Here is a video of what it does when it can’t seem to power on.

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First of all here’s the link to the service manual so you can read it:


Meanings of lights pages 21.

  • Power Light - going off means computer is off or has gone into hibernation.
  • AC adapter/Battery Light - White: the computer is connected to external
  • power and the battery is charged from 90 to 99 % and Amber with adapter means battery is charged 0 - 90%

What do the lights do if the AC adapter is unplugged and you try to turn it on?

What do the lights do if the AC adapter is plugged with the battery removed and you try to turn it on?

I am hoping “Typically I can get it working by removing everything (ram, battery, cmos battery) . . .” you did not remove the components in the order you listed above. Adapter, then battery always first thing.

Did you remove battery and hard drive and try turning on with just the adapter connected?

Did you take out both RAM modules and then try one at a time in each slot?

Let us know how it goes.

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1 With only the battery and cmos battery plugged in, it does the same thing as shown in the video.

- With the ac adapter, battery, and cmos battery plugged in, the lightning bolt shows a constant white LED light but it doesn’t turn on.

2 With only the ac adapter and cmos battery connected, it does nothing.

3 I never had the hard drive plugged in at all for any of the testing since I’m just trying to keep it running and start up the first time to the bios screen.

4 Yes I have taken both RAM out and tried each slot with both modules to see if they are causing the issue but it does not seem so. In the bios settings there was an option to test the RAM and it seemed to run successfully without any issues.

So to better describe how i can get it working is if I unplug the cmos and replug it and have a stick of ram connected, then plug the ac adapter

If I attempt to take the ram module out and only have the ac adapter and the cmos connected, it runs but the fan runs super loudly and shows no display.



That's a tough one.

Have you tried reflashing the BIOS. Maybe something is corrupted that taking out the CMOS battery and discharing the power can't fix.

Latest is F.74 Rev.A out of a total of ~22

Worth a shot?

Are you able to get into the HP System Diagnostics for a full test?



Here is a couple images for the extensive testing. https://imgur.com/a/aVkR6y5

I think it could be a battery problem but not too sure? While it was turned on i plugged the battery in because I couldn't power up the laptop with the battery in it before it was turned on.



Yes probably defective battery. Replace with correct HP battery.


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