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Faulty charger or DC converter?

I recently got this MacBook and MagSafe 1 charger.

I have to remove it, flip it, tilt it, so that the light comes on and charges the laptop. I’ve also noticed that the connector get VERY hot when charging the computer. In another instance I noticed that the computer said that it was plugged to the charger but not charging.

Now today, the light on the plug won’t come on no matter what I do. The Mac has power; last time I charged it was last night. The connector was warm but not extremely hot.

I did an SMC Reset this morning, no luck.

Edit#1: I realized that this is an 80w, fake charger. I think the charger died. Going to borrow another one today and see if that works.

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I went to best buy and bought a brand new original one for 60w and it worked perfectly.

The fake charger was the problem; it was defective.

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Fake Mag-Safe units can destroy your machine, put it in the trash ASAP.. The fact that it is 80 watts is not concerning as the Mac will only draw what it needs.

It also helps to use a better diagnostic tool, such as Coconut Battery. Get it free here:


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