Is my playstation 2 overheating?


I have a very weird and specific issue with my PlayStation 2 Slim (SCPH-75004). After playing on it for 1-2 hours streight the console gets moderately hot.

I can start hearing strange noises comming from the disk driver. It sounds like the Disk spins up, then a clicking noise and then the disk stops spinning for a moment. Then the disk starts spinnig again and then stops again after a clicking sound. This starts to happen once every 2-3 seconds and it just goes on like that until I turn off the console and let it cool for a while.

While this phenomenon starts occuring, my games start acting up as well. I play GTA 3 the most and inside the game, strange bugs start occuring when the disk starts acting up like that. These bugs start to get more serious and serious. First the textures would get smudged and pixelated. Then random colored smudges (rainbow colored or black colored) would start appearing on the screen. Then 3D models would stop appearing in the game but I can still collide with them even though I can’t see them. And finally the “Error reading disk” error would appear.

I cleaned the lense with some compressed air but that did not help. I held the can at an angle as to not blast air directly at the laser. Then I took a quetip with some alchohol and gently cleaned the lense, but that did not help either. Finally, I opened the PlayStation and blew all the dust I could see with the compressed air, including the dust in the fan. It had barely and dust inside. However, this problem still occurs.

My questions is has anybody experienced this problem? What is causing this? The Power Supply overheating, the console overheating, a disk drive problem or something else?

I bought this console second hand so I do not know how it was used before.

I can post pictures of the console insides if I have to.

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I think your drive is reaching the end of it's life.


Yeah, I though so but since it happens after an hour or two of use, I was hoping it is something else.


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