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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Drum won’t turn

Kenmore Elite 592 dryer

heats up but won’t tumble. I’ve taken it apart, replaced the belt, drum rollers, roller axles, tension pulley. Took the motor out, sprayed lint out with air compressor. Cleaned the lint off the drum felt. Cleaned the surfaces that receive the drum felt. Still nothing.

I have the lid off and if I start a cycle, you can hear the motor buzz. And if you give the drum a little push it will tumble perfectly but it can’t seem to get it started on its own. Any ideas?

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What is the full model number of the dryer?

Have you checked that there is 240V (or 2 x 120V) being supplied to the dryer? Check the fuses or breakers for the dryer power supply. (This is for a 592 series dryer so I'm assuming that it is the same for your model variant.)

If the motor is humming but not initially turning it may be a problem with either the motor start winding or perhaps the start capacitor in the motor circuit if it has one that is.

A lot of electric motors have two windings, a start and a run. On starting, current is supplied through both windings so that sufficient magnetic force is produced to overcome the initial inertia from the at rest position. Once the motor runs up to speed, an internal centrifugal switch in the motor operates and disconnects the start winding and the motor can run on the run winding only. Having a capacitor in the circuit improves the power efficiency of the motor start circuit.

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Looks like the starting switch located on the back of the motor is defective (this often append) many you will have to replace the whole motor if you can’t find and replace this Sw.

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