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Philips 50pft6550 backlight faulty


I turned on the TV and the picture was black but the sound was ok, therefore I did the light test and I could see that the panel is ok.

I have tested the backlight on the power board and I got 75V on Led1 and 75V on Led2, both on stand by and tv on.

I can't find the datasheet of the power board(photo attached)

Is there any way of getting the data sheet?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@essh19 the voltages from your power board sound about right. Check the backlight strips since they have a tendency of failing. Backlight strips are the same as for a Vizio D50-D1. Part number for the strips should be YX-50024011-4E761-0-B-63M -53285

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