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The Ecovacs Deebot 900 is an autonomous robot that vacuums the floors of your home. This page includes repair guides and troubleshooting tips.

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Why is my Deebot not charging

My Deebot 900 (number 1) has a fully charged battery after charging it with a different Deebot 900 (number 2). However it says it has a low battery when turned on and the Auto button glows red. Have check the charger, and used a different battery (from number 2) with the same results. The other Deebot (number 2) does take a charge from my charger using either battery. The unit will not charge!! I removed the brushes from my unit and the dust chamber. The unit does flash red and says to install dust chamber, after installing dust chamber it glows red and says a low battery and will not charge. Have checked the contacts as well, and all connections are good. We just started using this unit and have only 5 hours run time, even though we bought it more than a year ago.

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Try swapping the batteries between the 2 units to find out if it’s the battery or the unit that is causing the problem. It’s possible you have bad battery or bad continuity in the unit to the battery.

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