Moto G8 Power (XT2041DL) Cellular Service issues after repair

So I think I know what the problem was but I’d just like confirmation. Yesterday I replaced the screen on my Moto g8 power. While I was getting the backplate off I accidentally slices this tiny black cable that looks like this

Block Image

I was unsure what exactly cable was at the time. I had a suspicion it was the antenna cable, but figured it might be just a ground wire since was black and I wasn’t experiencing any issues with the signal at that moment. Fast forward to today and I’m now getting no service. I strongly think it was an antenna cable. I do have a few questions though.

What are the black and white wires’ purpose? Do they transfer power, data, or something else? Because I’m kinda confused why the cellular signal was still working after the cable was cut.

Are antenna cables different with each phone? For example, would I be able to take antenna cables from a Moto G7 power and stick it in the G8?

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