Replaced controller analogue stick, but it's still stick drifting?


So as the title says, I’ve recently just replaced an analogue that I thought was faulty, but the controller is still performing stick drift, even with the new one installed. Can anyone tell me what sections to check on the board to try and find out where else this problem might be coming from? As I’m having issues trying to figure this out (new to board level repairs).

i.e. is there somewhere else on the board that has control over the stick that I can maybe check? I’ve tried tracing the board, but still have no idea what I’m doing unfortunately.

If anyone needs me to upload photos of anything, I’m happy to do so. Just going to leave this question open for now until I get some responses from people who have hopefully ran into a similar situation before.



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How bad is the stick drift after you replace the analog stick module ? (post picture of your repair and of the faulty joystick in a testing app (like the gamepad tester)


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