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Die Wi-Fi Version von Apples iPad 6, erschienen im März 2018. Erhältlich mit 32 und 128 GB Speicher. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Retina Display und einem 64-bit A10 Fusion Prozessor.

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LCD not turning on after digitizer replacement.

My brother got an Ipad 6th generation A1893 for school

because of remote learning. He ended up cracking the screen pretty bad i i just replaced the glass. before taking off the LCD the ipad was dead, but when i pressed and held the power button the dead battery icon showed. took off the digitizer and replaced it and put back the LCD and nothing is coming up now. not even the dead battery icon, had it on the charger for 20

minutes and still nothing. tried pressing and holding the power button for 1 minute and nope. really stuck because my parents don’t want to pay $300 to get it fixed/replaced. double checked and all the cables and connectors are in right . nothing is broken or damaged.

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Is it possible that the battery was connected when you replaced any of the parts. It’s critical that the battery be disconnected anytime you mess with any cables. That short cut may turn out to be the long way around. I would recheck all the connections again. Try using a magnifying glass to get a good look at the connecting points before disconnecting. You might find a cable isn’t properly seated. Good luck

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LCD ribbon cable is probably just not seated in correctly. Unfortunately you'll have to take it apart again to repeat connection. Test it before you close it. Hopefully ribbon cable is not damaged.

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