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4-Zoll iPhone herausgebracht im März 2016 mit ähnlicher Hardware und Spezifikationen wie das 6s. Erhältlich in Silber, Space Grau, Gold oder Roségold mit 16/64 GB Speicher. Modell A1662 und A1723.

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Can't reseat motherboard connector after battery replaced

I was following these instructions iPhone SE Akku tauschen and nowhere did it say to be careful not to remove the connector that could be confused with a screen connector as I did. Now, no matter what I do I can’t align and reconnect it. How do I reseat it as its likely a bit twisted due to cable tension and also off centre. These things are so tiny. Its the connector centre left above the lower left screw. What tool and technique would help?

Block Image

Block Image

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If the battery isn’t stick to the backhousing already , I usually first put the battery connector in and then position the battery in its place at the backhousing .


The issue is alignment of the connector. Its not a battery connector its from the motherboard.


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I purchased a monocle magnifier and then was able to align the connector. Its cable was too springy to align properly and could be done with the naked eye.

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