Won't power on after diagnostics

I have 7559 worked fine for 3 years accept screen. I have changed the display cable and the screen started to work well. But in a few hours the audio, wifi and USB ports started not to work. I couldn't find them in the device manager. I installed the drivers again but nothing happened. A clean win 10 install did not help. Also the laptop fans were working after shut down.I used diagnostics with F12 at the startup, the quick one said everything is normal. Tried the expanded one. After one hour of diagnostics the laptop shut down and did not power on. When I press the power button no light no fan on the battery. On AC when I press the power button the white LED blink only one time and nothing happens.

After that I tried the to drain the statics and took off the battery and pressed 1 min power button. Put on AC and Nothing happened. Tried lots of time and nothing.

Also I have noticed the Intel chipset ( I am not sure what it was but it was located down of the CPU and aliminium cover was on it) was very hot and some smell on it. The CPU and gpu were looking good.

What can I do. I dont want to spend 500 bucks for this laptop with changing mainboard.

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