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Apples vierte Generation ihrer Smartwatch, mit optionaler Mobilfunkverbindung, veröffentlicht am 21. September 2018.

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Is there any chance to save the LCD of my Apple Watch?

Hi guys,

today I started “repairing” my apple watch series 4 44mm as it has a cracked screen. While seperating the broken glass from the LCD with a thin wire I damaged a Layer, which you can see in the photo: I have read that it is the polarizer, but I am not sure if I can replace it (The LCD is working fine and the touch is working in the spots with the layer on it) , as I saw polarizer replacements on Aliexpress. But in general I cannot find any guides and I really need some advice of you. Is it wort trying to repair the LCD?

Block Image

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Sorry to say but it may not be worth replacing at this point. You can either sell it for spare parts or you can sink more money into the device. But the cost of which would force you to buy a brand new watch.

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Thanks for your answer. Is it the Polarizer?


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