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Apple kündigte am 9. März 2015 an, dass das Retina MacBook 2015, Modell A1534 am 10. April herauskäme. Es hat eine neue Unibody Konstruktion und beinhaltet ein verbessertes Trackpad, Tastatur und Retina Display.

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MacBook won't power on

I bought a used MacBook 12 inch(not sure what year) and it will not turn on. I tried the SMC stuff and holding down shift and the power button to no avail. The small lcd on the logic board by the battery disconnect turns on when plugged in, but when turned off it shuts off. I think the keyboard ribbon might need to be replaced not sure. Any help is appreciated!

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Lets first nail down what you have here. Plug in the systems S/N here EveryMac - Lookup Let us know what it told you.


@danj Hi, it told me that it is the early 2015 version, not sure of any of the specs tho.


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Problems with the trackpad or cables that route through the trackpad can cause power on issues. If you suspect any of these cables are damaged that could be a good place to start troubleshooting.

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@zpl The trackpad cable was cut as far as I know, but how would I go about troubleshooting them?

And is there a sensor anywhere, that shows that there has been water damage?


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