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The Acer Aspire V5-122P-0468 is a laptop with 11.6” screen originally manufactured starting in 2013.

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Acer Aspire A515-51 will not turn on

(My pc is actual a Aspire A515-51) I have tried everything, from replacing the battery to putting a spare charger port I had.

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Did anything unusual happen leading up to this?

Does anything happen at all such as blinking lights, beeping sounds or fan spinning?

What about trying with battery disconnected and only charger plugged in?


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Hi there Matt. Your problem can be easy or hard to fix. It all depends on the actual part that is broken. The first thing to try is by draining your battery. You can easily search up your laptop model on Google or your prefered browser and see how to drain the battery on that model. If this method doesn’t work, it can be an internal problem with your laptop. First thing to try is reseting your motherboard. This can be done by unplugging everything including accessories. After this, try looking for a very small hole if you flip your laptop over, and inside should be a small button that if you click with something similar to a pin, it would reset the motherboard. Don’t worry, this won’t lose any data. It will only erase any changes that you’ve made to your BIOS. If this method still doesn’t work, try emailing or messaging your manufacture and describing the problem to them.

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