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Repair information for the Nextbook Ares 10A. Released in December of 2016. Model number: NX16A10132S.

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How to get my tablet out of bootlooping (I think it's called)?

My tablet died on my table in the night so this morning I plugged it in and let charge to 100%. When I turned it back on it was stuck in bootloop. It was working fine when I last used it right before bedtime. I tried recovery mode but says no command. I don't know much about tech and really need help.

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Hi @k1mberlyb1tch ,

I think that this is the correct user manual for the tablet (model #NX16A10132S.).

This shows that there is a reset button pinhole on the rear of the tablet (I think as it is very difficult to make out). Try resetting the tablet by gently inserting an opened paperclip into the hole and holding the reset button operated for about 5-10 seconds (you should feel it operate as the paperclip is inserted) before removing the paperclip and check if that resolves the problem.

Make sure that you do not insert the paperclip into the microphone hole which again is difficult to see where it is located but maybe it is between the HDMI port and the USB port on the side of the tablet if the numbering legend is anything to go by in the manual.

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