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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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Why is MacBook taking too long to charge?

My new macbook is taking too long to charge (taking about 18-20 hours to charge fully). The cycle counts for this macbook are just 4. Moreover, this macbook is new although but I have started using it after few months. Furthermore, I have even tried resetting SMC. But still facing this issue. Besides that, I have also installed coconutBattery.

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Who's charger are you using (Apple or other) and what is its wattage. In addition what is the USB-C cable the Apple unit that came with the charger or something else.


@danj its the charger that was present with Apple packing. Its a 96 Watt USB-C power adapter


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You’ll need to try a second charger & USB-C cable to be sure, I’m suspecting the charger has a problem. I would visit an Apple Store or Apple dealer to see what their charger does. Clearly the 7.7 Watts is low.

You might want to invest in a USB-C power meter Type-C USB Power Meter

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