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Model A1224 / Mitte 2007 und Anfang 2008 / 2, 2.4, oder 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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How 2 fix a hijacked boot up

I know there’s a way to silence the startup chime. If you’re knowledgeable and familiar with TERMINAL.

As a test I deliberately gave it something to beep at for an error. No memory got a beep but the three lights stayed lit. The USB ports weren’t polled (I’ve a Flash Drive with a red LED to indicate use.

No keyboard, no error response. Seems to point to a bad display subsystem. I checked all the cables and they’re all properly connected except the mic/camera.

I’m open to all insights.

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This series does not offer USB boot up, you need either a optical disk or FireWire drive which is setup as a bootable drive if the internal is not working or connected.

This system can't support anything newer than OS-X El Capitan (10.11.6)


@danj Thanks for that ! It sux but I'll get around it. I'm still basing it off that the keyboard isn't polled also. While the USB drive can't boot, just reading it should produce the red light, right ?

In any case the screen stays black as night. I've checked all the connections. The 4 pigtails are reconnected and the two bigger cables are solid in place. The iSight is gone though. So what component is most likely to have failed ?

Once running it would be a candidate for either snow Leopard with server or Ubuntu Linux Apache server.


Ah ... The chicken or the egg conflict!! Here the chicken came first!

No, the driver needed is no present in the firmware as such the USB port is not polled or powered.


Ok Chicken Boo! Something has to happen to recognize the keyboard which is USB. But this is tangential. Main problem is the black screen. Would you think replacing thew inverter is the next step ?

There is a Goodwill locally that has a tech program sponsored by Dell. They take donated machines, take out drives and memory, then resell cheap! My iMac was $25. If an inverter is more. than that, I'll just get another then add back memory and drive. I'm confident this time since I had one to experiment on.


@capwalker666 - Ah! So why does a keyboard work then!

It has to do with the order of things happening, POST happens first! Then the USB power and keyboard driver is read from the firmware so its input is active. Drive I/O happens when the OS is loaded. The RED within your drive is when handshake has taken place.

If you have a USB power meter you can see the USB interfaces power is present, its just usable by your drive.


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There is not much I can offer here with the limited info you have.

Frankly, this will need someone with deep logic board diagnostic skills to troubleshoot its not easy and might be more costly than getting a replacement logic board. Then the question is… Is this worth keeping??

Given the systems limitations it might be cheaper and easier just to find a used newer system which is working!

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As I posted in a comment, a local GoodWill has partnered with Dell for the ReConnect program. All sorts of donated equipment comes in and they ready some of it for sale. Unfortunately they take out the memory and drives so you buy them separately to install. The iMac was $25, memory $6, drive $20. So yes, just getting another would be easier and less expensive. Since Apple donations are rare it’s even rarer to be able to buy one. Many come in just to buy for their repair business.

This would be another LAN workstation prolly running UBUNTU. I’m developing an app that might take advantage of distributed processes. Or I might try a Kubernetes just for fun.


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