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Shift key doesn't work on the letter I/letter I and K

Ok, I know this sounds weird, but on my old iMac, the left shift key works fine for every letter except I and the right shift key works fine for every letter except I and K. Any idea why it would just be those key combinations that don't work? It even happens when you’re logging into the computer before it’s even finished starting up so I don’t think it’s anything with system settings, etc. Thanks in advance!

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Open up your System Preferences > Keyboard, then click on the Input Sources tab. Now click on the Show Input menu in menu bar so you have a way to check the keyboard. Also check the keyboard input in the left column you should see your language as an example I have U.S. for english.

Now open the keyboard viewer like I’ve done here

Block Image

I had enabled the Caps Lock. Does your keys all change correctly?

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