iPad 6 picture goes in and out

Hi. I received the above iPad from a customer who was just looking to get it off her hands. It’s in good condition and all functions seem to work well except for the fact that when it sits for a while, the picture doesn’t always come up. Pressing the home or power button doesn’t produce a picture nor does plugging in the charger. You can hear the sound effect, but won’t SEE an image. And it doesn’t do this all the time. At times, if I’ve been using it, it will work just fine. But if I set it aside and don’t use it for a little while, maybe half an hour or more, the picture won’t come up when pressing the home or power buttons.

I was hoping, before I opened an unopened tablet and started digging around in there, that someone could tell me if they’ve run across this issue before and knows what the issue might be. I’m thinking it might be a defective LCD, but wondering if it might have something to do with the logic board.

Thanks for any help you might provide.

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Forgot to add that after a while of playing with the buttons it will eventually come back, but sometimes it takes doing a soft reset to see a picture again.


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