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How to bypass the Powerbutton on the Logicboard?

The Powerbutton of my Macbook Pro seems to be broken (at least this is, was the applestore told me) and since they want 600€ for a complete replacemant of the case, i figured i might just bypass it and see if i can get it to boot another way, with the remote e.g.

I just dont know how to bypass the powerbutton, on a normal motherboard normally just bridging the 2 pin connector from the powerbutton will do the job quite fine, but i just dont find the place, where to do it

thats the board:

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open the bottom case then you will see the keyboard jack and trackpad jack on the logic board near the trackpad there are 2 power pads by which you can start you mac without keyboard. first remove the trackpad jack from the logic board then you will see that pads . just short it . best of luck

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I quite dont understand what is what or better to say i still dont find it, a picture or a marking on my picture but be quite helpful

This picture is out of a guide here:

that one should be the keyboard jack you are talking about, right?

And this one is the trackpad jack?

And where to find the power pads ??


here is the i checked on my macbook pro tried also.


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Yes, granted I am not a Mac person, but I did check the service manual on this one. SIMRAN is right. I did check for the procedure and instead of quoting it, I attached it as an image. I also attached a picture for horror077 to clarify where the pads are. If one so desires, one may download the service manual for this computer from here I hope this will help out.

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I recommend NOT trying ANY 'shorting' of your logic board. Your board is currently good, so don't destroy it. The solution is simple, but takes a new keyboard/backlight & a complete removal of lower case components. If you can use a screw driver, have the correct tools, can follow directions & have patience this will cost about $100 US with parts (buy NEW on ebay) & tools (on iFixit).

Good luck

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apple has made a pads. even in service centers they are also diagnosing top case as this .


Hey oldturkey,

do you have any other of the Apple tech service manuals? or point where to find them? Specifically newer 2009-2010 15-17" MBP & older 2007 15" MBP. thanks in advance


use my email to contact me ;-)


thanks a lot !!!!!


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