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The Envy 15 is a line of 15-inch notebook laptops built by HP. The original model was released in October 2009 with updated versions following each year.

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HP Envy X360 15-bq051sa touch screen

Hi all

Dose anyone know if you can just replace the touch screen on a HP Envy X360 15-bq051sa laptop .

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Hi @burnsclan ,

Looking at the display assembly sub components parts diagram on p.23 of the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage it appears that the digitizer and the LCD panel are one complete module and not two separate components that can be individually replaced.

On p.23 are the spare part numbers for the various parts. If you search online using only the part number for a particular part, you will get results for suppliers of the part.

If the touchscreen is physically OK there is a touchscreen control board though that may be worth looking at if the touchscreen isn’t working.

Also this link may also be of some help if the touchscreen is physically OK but just not working. See the Update 30/09/2016 to the Chosen Solution How to reinstall touch screen driver? My touch screen stopped working..

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