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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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New Front Panel Ruined!

Just received the new Front Panel for my iPod Touch and after I installed it the touch didn't seem to work. So I took it back apart to only this time completely rip the ribbon cable. Not good. I'm so frustrated with myself right now. I also screwed up the Plastic Frame that goes around it. I'm looking to purchase a new Panel (again!) and a new plastic frame. I saw that the 1st available part for this is the assembly. It mentions a metal frame. Is this the same part that I need?

Thank you. R

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You can buy the screen and mid frame bezel from several suppliers on ebay. Here is the ebay item number of a vendor I have used several times: 150404934421. Good luck.

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I've found that ordering them from China is cheaper, but the shipping always takes atleast 3-4 weeks. Ordering from a US customer might cost anywhere between 20-50% more, but the shipping should also be within a week. Your call ;-)

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