Airpod Pro Choppy Audio on Mabook only

I know this has been a problem since Airpods exist, but it’s been super frustrating for 3 days straight now. I’m using my Airpods Pro on my Macbook and the audio is super choppy and I can’t listen to 10sec without it “muting” for a second in between. Strangely enough when I switch my audio input to the airpods (which makes the sound quality bad) it’s not choppy anymore. This only happens on my macbook pro and everything works fine on my other apple products.

Until now this issue was fixed by:

- resetting my aipods / forgetting the device and reconnecting

- restarting my computer

- debug my bluetooth settings

- changing the audio input from intern Mic to Aipods and back

But it has NOT been working this time around. The only difference is that I’ve updated google chrome on the day the issue started, however I also experience the issue while using spotify or other audio inputs besides chrome.

I’m not sure what else I can try and I’m starting to go insane by either listening everything super choppy or is potato quality.

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