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Reparaturanleitungen für Logitech Kameras

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Why this plug-in isnt supported?

message on computer … this plug-in isn’t supported? what does this mean?

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What make and model is your computer?

What operating system and version?

When does the message appear?

Are you in any particular program when it appears?

We need details in order to help you.



make of computer is asus hdmi with the storage intel core i7 vpro inside hp elite desk mini 35w model tpcp055dm

windows version windows 10 pro operating system 64bit x64 based proessor

message appears when i try to go into wilife login for my logitech camera viewing

think it has something to do ith adobe flash?

if you can direct me i would be greatly appreciated




@A. Tia

Hi Aurel,

I'm still not exactly clear where you are. Are you in a browser? Are you talking about a browser plug-in? If so then try installing the "NoPlugin" extension.

For Chrome:


Is this what your question is about?


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Try opening device manager by pressing the Windows + X keys and selecting Device Manager. Find the camera under “Cameras” which should be one of the first categories on the list. Uninstall it by pressing right click on it and pressing Remove Device. Then try plugging it back in

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