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Die Xbox 360 ist die zweite Spielekonsole der Firma Microsoft und erschien in Europa am 2. Dezember 2005.

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Xbox 360 Elite Eject Button Not Pressable

I bought this from someone on offer up because it would not read discs. I opened it up and it was very dusty and luckily alcohol on the laser fixed it - anyways I’ve never opened up an Xbox 360 before and I noticed this metal piece/clip? Came off once I removed the eject button. I kept it around and not sure if this is why the eject button won’t click or is not pressable. I have attached some photos as well.

If I press the long arm underneath the eject button it will press and make the click noise to eject the disc but if I press the button itself it does not click, just stays firmly there. I am not sure if the reason is that little clip might be missing somewhere there but I can’t find anything online or on YouTube about this. To my knowledge this is the Xbox 360 Elite.

Lastly, I did make sure the green piece (pictured) is firmly in place where it belongs and so is the eject button. If anyone has any insight or helpful information I would appreciate it.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi Jacob,

First things first, the metal piece that came off is next to the drive. It’s function is to hold the drive at it’s place. It’s not necessary to place this one back (I left it out many times, as it was bend).

For the “Clicking Eject button” thing, it does not work if the case is open. You need to assembly the console, afterwards it will work again like usual.

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Yep that did it, thank you! The first time I thought the enclosure was fully closed but the back of it was not snapped in fully.

Thank you again.


My pleasure :)!


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