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In January 2013, Kia announced that the Cadenza will be available in the United States. The Cadenza uses the new front-wheel-drive Type-N platform with MacPherson front suspension and a multilink rear suspension.

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Seeking advice for Workshop manual

What is my best option for a diy repair or workshop manual, for a 2016 kia cadenza?

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Here’s a link to the Kia Cadenza 2013-2016 (3.3L GDI) Service Manual + Owner’s Manual.

Scroll down and click on the relevant section of the manual

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I have the service manual. What I'm looking for is a repair manual or workshop manual, for DIY repairs.


@Carl Harrison

Not sure what you mean as the manual I linked does show how to replace components and to test for problems if they are electrical .

e.g. the engine control / fuel system section details problems and the likely causes and also tell what to test etc.

Do you mean bodywork repair after a collision?


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