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Apples 2016 Überarbeitung, ihres auf professionelle Benutzer ausgelegten Laptop Lineups. Es ist ausgestattet mit einem 15 Zoll 2880 x1800 Retina Display, einem quad-core Intel Core i7, mit 256GB / 512GB / 1TB / 2TB Speicherplatzoptionen, 16 GB RAM Arbeitsspeicher und einer Tastatur mit einer Touch Bar. Es erschien im November 2016. Modell: A1707.

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Display with vertical lines and flickering area

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since a couple of weeks I have a vertical line on my 15” MacBook Pro display (see pictures, Late 2016 model) plus a horizontal flickering issue at the lower part of my display.

I already have managed to exchange the display cable (ordered here at iFixIt) but it did not worked. Still the same problems.

So, did I something wrong or did I miss something? What options do I have to get rid of this issues which is really annoying working with my device.

Best, Seyhan

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A similar issue was posted Horizontal line on top of the display. My best guess is that the TCON board is damaged, possibly due to overheating as mentioned in the other post. As far as I know this would require replacing the display assembly to resolve since the TCON board is integrated into the display.

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@zpl - Vertical and horizontal lines can have other issues besides the T-CON.

In this case the vertical line issue is a TAB error when the fine metal oxide connections to the flex cable on the LCD has broken away or the metal oxide path within the LCD has had a micro fracture breaking the connection pathway. These thin lines are always TAB errors. Sometimes the line is larger or even colored.

The T-CON issue is when the timing logic within the T-CON has drifted so the horizontal scan is messed up either over scanning or under scanning this is where the grayish bars at the top and bottom are visible. Which is the second issue this display has!


@maloja69 - Well you got a double whammy!

Your display has become damaged in two different ways! The first was over-heating which is what causes the black/grayish lines at the bottom of your screen as your T-CON has degraded.

The second is you gave your system a good bang! damaging the fragile glass LCD panel breaking either the ribbon cable connection to the LCD or cracked the LDC its self.

Bottomline: You need a new display to fix this! And you want to fully clean the dust build up inside. Make sure you don't try using your system on a beed or rug that can block the vents (sides & back). I would also recommend installing a good thermal management app like TG Pro ramping up the fans when you are running your system hard to help prevent your system from cooking. You also should make sure your internal drive has at least 1/4 free as your system runs harder the fuller the drive is!


Thanks for the input Dan, always appreciated!


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