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Hochleistungstablet von Apple herausgekommen am 11. November 2015. Model A1584.

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Battery won't charge after display replacement

I successfully completed this guide but when I put everything back together and turn it on, I only see the low battery indicator (even when plugged in) I left it plugged in for several hours but I only ever see low battery. Occasionally the screen will light up with the Apple logo and show the keypad. It even registers a couple of key presses but before I can enter the passcode the iPad turns off. What is going on here?

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Double check if the battery connector is properly seated. I recently noticed something similar with an iPhone where the connector wasn’t 100%, but just enough for it to power on, but not to be properly detected in order for it charge.

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I took it to a repair shop and they confirmed it was in a boot loop. it's such a common problem with my particular model of iPad they refuse to fix them. I've since given up on it.


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