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Die langerwartete Neuauflage des populären MacBook Air mit einem Core i5 Prozessor von Intel, ein verbessertes Retina Display und mehrere andere Veränderungen und Verbesserungen. Veröffentlicht am 7. November 2018.

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Replaced battery and won't turn on unless connected to charger

I changed the battery and now it won’t turn on if it’s not connected to the charger. Once it starts I can unplug the charger and the status indicator will change to battery after 10 seconds or so.

SMC reset done twice and still no change.

Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks.

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Double check if all the connections, especially the battery connection (MacBook Air (13 Zoll, Retina Display, Ende 2018) Akku tauschen) are seated correctly in their sockets. If all the connections are good and nothing is damaged while repairing your MacBook, you probably have received a bad battery and I would recommend you to contact the store where you ordered it from to have it replaced.

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