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Model A1419 / Ende 2012 / 2,9 und 3,2 GHz Core i5 oder 3,4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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"xxx is damaged and can't be opened."

Ok, so, I have 2 imacs. 1 is a 2009, the logic board crapped out. I have a refurbished 2012 in which the hd just crapped out. so i took the 2009 hd and put it in the 2012. got it back up and running, internet recovery, updated the os back to catalina. im currently at 10.15.7 with no updates possible via the app store.

thus far, i have had to replace the question mark items in my dock with the corresponding app from finder/applications by just dragging and deleting the ?.

then i went to download malwarebytes, and a jpg. whenever i try to open them, i get a popup stating: "xxx is damaged and can't be opened."

normally, i use chrome, but was thinking perhaps it's a browser issue. safari will not open at all and sends error reports to apple, even from the applications folder.

in my gatekeeper, it also doesnt have the "anywhere" option, i had to terminal it in, but it disappears after restarting.

i've been googling and googling trying to find a solution that works, and to no avail. i have read, reinstalling the os doesnt work. ive tried other terminal codes, they dont work. ive run utilities/repair (first aid) and it doesnt work. ive run ccleaner. i also have a report via etrecheck.

i had figured i could just upgrade the os again to big sur and perhaps it would be fixed, but that update is not available, according to the app store.

please advise, cuz i dont know what else to do. i was running catalina before my hd went to crap and it was just fine. i shouldnt have to terminal anything or try to get a workaround, it should just work.

thanks in advance.

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but not the 250gb, im planning the 1tb. not sure what i'll need a usb cord for...will have to look for the install instructions for this too.


@seangworld - That works as well. The cord is for the case so you can place the SSD in the case and then plug it into your system to prep up! First Formating the drive with GUID and a jounaled file system then running the OS installer from your current drive to install a fresh copy of the OS and then using Migration assistant copy over your user accounts, apps and your user data (if you have anything on the drive) to the SSD.


nothing on this 2009 drive is worth keeping. a fresh install from internet recovery would suffice? then upgrade from there? im guessing i cant do all the upgrading after installing the ssd and closing it up? that was the plan anyway...


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This sounds like a failing drive. Your 2009 iMac HDD is just not up to the task. Time to get a new drive.

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not sure if it matters, but the machine is calling it an ssd, tho it looks like a hdd. bear with me, it's been like 20 years since i tinkered with pc's and i JUST got into tinkering with my macs. so, im a bit unplugged from current specs but if i should change it, do you have a recommended site and hd that i should get? i use my mac mainly for audio/video editing. thanks for your help!


btw, everything is still running super fast on this hd, you really think it is the problem?


The file system is corrupted!

Your 2009 HDD is only a SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) drive. You are pushing it with APFS file system (macOS Catalina) which is very chatty so it stresses the drive more so than the older HFS+ file system.

So between the drives limitations and its age it wouldn't surprise me.


roger that, i'll start shopping. any suggestions?


@seangworld - For a HDD I would go with a Seagate FireCuda or go with a Samsung 870 EVO/QVO You'll need a 2.5 adapter frame for your systems 3.5" drive bay. You will need the inline thermal sensor for either iMac Intel 21.5" and 27" (Late 2012-Late 2015) SSD Temperature Sensor As Apple altered how it manages the drives thermals within SMC


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