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Is there any way to recover internal memory (OnePlus One)?


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to check this out. I have a OnePlus One. I sent it off to get a screen replaced and volume buttons fixed. It’s been returned with a new screen (buttons unfixed) and wont turn on at all! It’s an old handset but the reason I needed to get it fixed is it has the authenticator for some old accounts I need to access.

Anyway, is there any way to recover the internal memory onto an emulator or something? What would the options be, if any?

If anyone has come across a guide showing the process of removing the internal memory I’d appreciate it - something to send to the repair people to explain what I need.



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Hello Alex,

When you send in your phone to OnePlus they always wipe the data. It’s in their ToS, when I sent in my OP6 last year for battery replacement they warned me about this beforehand.

“Your data will be erased during the repair process. Please back up all personal data on your device.“

Source: https://www.oneplus.com/ie/support/repai... — Under the Request Repair button

The second issue is that the data is most likely encrypted on the phone. For example with iPhones you need the cpu, nand, eprom etc just to access data. Furthermore, the memory chip is soldered onto the motherboard, no easy way to access it.

As to your broken phone, your best bet is contact OP again and ask they if they could fix it.

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There is a possible solution, no guarantee though, worth a try.


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