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What power adapter to buy for Nintendo Switch lite

What power adapter to buy?

Hello I have a question about what power adapter to buy for my Nintendo switch lite I found an anker atom pd1 and an AC Adapter Steel Play Nintendo Switch Compatible and I want to know what to buy?

(sorry if I typed something rong I’m not that good at English )

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It must be a super fast charger capable of delivering at least 39 Watts of power. As long as it can 15volts at 2.6 Amps or higher your good. Also be sure to use a charger with a USB-C plug and get a cable that is rated for at least 15volts as those cables can keep up with the current needed to charge the switch lite. Optionally you could go to your local game supply store such as GameStop(us) or EBGames (ca) for a direct replacement if you want

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Thank you !!


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Well, the. Atom PD1 is a recommended charger for the Switch Lite, but I’d go with the original charger. On Amazon (as of February 24th 2021) there were a couple with the price up to 40$

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Thank you!!!


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