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Modell A1369, 1.6, 1.7, oder 1.8 GHz Prozessor, 64, 128 oder 256 GB Flash Speicher.

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Sourcing capacitors MacBook Air

I have a MacBook Air 13” 2011, EMC 2469 that has issues with high fan noise and laggy performance on boot. I’ve taken the logic board out and found corrosion on one of the capacitors (C9331 according to the board schematic I have). When trying to scrape it off, the capacitor literally just came away, so I think I found the culprit!

Block Image

Being a newbie to board repair, but having nothing to lose because the MacBook cost me nothing - where can I get a replacement capacitor? I have searched Digi-Key but don’t really know what I’m looking for.

Many thanks in advance for your help

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Locating the part on the logic board is a good start! Now you need to look for it in the schematics to figure out what its value is. Here’s a snapshot of the schematic with your capacitor ID’ed

Block Image

So C9331 is a 0.1 UF 10% 16V X5R-CERM capacitor in a 0201 package. Give that a try on Digi-Key or Mouser

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That was exactly what I was looking for Dan, thank you so much!


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