I need help with my PS2 slim please. The lens would move abnormally!

I need help with my PS2 slim please. My PS2 got smashed to the ground twice by my dad a few months ago. Now the lid won't pop up whenever I press the eject button and I have to open it by myself because I lost those springy things for the lid and lens would move up whenever it boots up my game and stays that position, making the ribbon scratch my discs. I put a piece of plastic behind the lens using hot glue to prevent the ribbon from scratching my discs. When it boots up my game, I start to notice loud clicking sounds coming from my ps2. It was my lens trying to move up, but the piece of plastic I put there is blocking it, making a clicking noise. I have only three games. The only game I could play is GOW 2. The only problem is that whenever I load my save file, the lens would slightly move up. Any way to fix it? Thank you in advance!

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