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Over-ear headphones designed for gaming, generally tuned to enhance spatial awareness and built with a microphone to allow communication with other players.

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How to repair my headset microphone wiring?

I notice that my voice is so soft when I speak through the microphone and no matter how close my mouth is, it still sound so soft. When I open the microphone area, I found two green wires not attached to the board. Can anyone tell me where the wires supposed to go?

Update (03/02/2021)

Block Image

this is the microphone board…

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If you take a photo of the cables and the board I my be able to tell you.


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Hello, according to the image these wires power an LED and doesn’t have anything to do with the microphone, if your voice is soft then it’s probably not due to bad wiring because the microphone either works or not.

You can try to increase the extra gain which Microsoft calling it “Microphone boost” in the microphone properties.

Block Image

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In addition to this, you might have a worn switch on the headset that interferes with the microphone's reception quality. Unfortunately because of microphones are very sensitive devices, everything that are in the way of the receiver and the processing device, (especially switches) weaken the signal. I am not familiar with this particular model, but on Turtle beach headsets the mechanical switch wears off weakens the speech quality. Also if those detached LED wires touch the microphone contacts would definitely interfere with the quality. Solder them back to the board to avoid any interference.


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