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Apples iPad Mini Tablet wurde im März 2019 aufgefrischt und mit einem A12 Bionic SoC ausgestattet, das True Tone Retina Display erfuhr ein Update mit Unterstützung des Pencils.

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iPad lcd self replacement

I have my sons iPad mini 5 and the left side is white and has a couple lines going through it but i can still use it with no problem, in order to replace the LCD would I have to buy a new screen as well?

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The LCD and the screen is the same thing.

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This is False The LCD and Screen Digitizer are two Seperate Parts If the screen is not cracked but there are pressure cracks Then yes you would only have to replace the LCD


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, so that is not the touch sensitive part. I know they are separate parts, I have been fixing phones for years.

LCD and screen are the same thing, but LCD/screen and digitizer are different.


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