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Die kleinere Version des iPad Pro, herausgekommen am 31. März 2016. Ausgestattet mit einem 9,7" Display, dem A9X Prozessor und wahlweise mit 32/128/256 GB Speicher. Erhältlich in Silber, Grau (Space Grey), Gold und Rose Gold.

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Do I have to plug in the smart connector after battery replacement?

I tried changing my battery but broke the battery connector pins by using the plastic battery blocker. Re soldered in a new connector, but now I think I mangled the smart connector plug badly trying to get to click in. Can I just leave it disconnected and cover the port on the battery with capton tape? I don’t use that feature anyway.

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The smart connector plugin is toast. It no longer will click in to the battery. Think I will clean the glue off the front cover and just place it over the IPAD temporarily to see it there are any errors present. Thanks anyway. If not then perhaps a another new battery, and a new smart connector might have to be ordered. Didn't remember seeing the 90 degree bend at the plugin connector where it attaches to the battery lower section. Now I do!


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I would recommend connecting it so the iPad doesn’t show an error, being as it may need it to function normally.

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Hello, Did you ever figure this out? I was told by a tech that it didn't need to be connected but I don't like that idea and have ordered a new flex connector. What's unclear is how you remove the clip holding the contacts in place.

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