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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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Cannot find the reset button on WD My Book, need a photo

Cannot find the reset button on this external drive, can someone providsea photo to show where it is, many thanks.

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What kind of MyBook? Essential? Word Edition? Live? Usually they’re between the network (ethernet) port and the DC (power) jack. A picture is hard without knowing which model though.


I'm wondering the same thing, I have the old-old wd10000h1u-00 Home edition which only has a power and usb port, plus the Kings...security lock thingy. Mine has been cared for well but I lost the power cord in my move for years, I just moved and found the cord, I plugged it in and it powered on, 4 months later I tried again and no power at all?? I've been reading there is a reset button but can't find it on my ancient model...but my whole life 10-15 years of files are on there. And ps, I did drop it, but just happened tonight and was after trying to power it on many times. I'm not technical, so don't know SATA, ID?? or how to solder on the motherboard, so a reset button will really work for me...lol.


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Hi @mperez2011

Looking at the user manual there is no reset button.

You said that it is now not powering on. First check that the AC adapter is supplying 12V DC by using a DMM (digital multimeter) to test its output at the adapter’s output cable plug.

If you don’t have a DMM then perhaps you know someone who has and they can do it or you have a compatible known working adapter i.e. 12V DC 1.5A output that you can try and check if the HDD now powers up.

If the original adapter is faulty replacement adapters are available online. (supplier example only). Just search for wd10000h1u-00 Home edition AC adapter to get results that suit you.

If the problem is not with the AC adapter then here’s a link that may help with recovering the data from the drive.

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