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Philips 47pfl7008 repair attempt gone bad?


so I have this TV and it started out “just” having the issue with the display not showing anything but ambilight and sound working.

I took it apart and looked into it but I think I broke it more. I peeled the sticky tape off of the LVDS Cables and some of the Aluminum on the back ripped. I’m not sure if that causes the issue or the cable itself broke when I peeled it off.

Anyways, now the fault is that I do see a picture. But it’s completely snowy and displaying random shapes. It goes away if I unplug the 51 line cable. Then the picture is just black with the backlight on and it seems to be bootlooping.

I’m attaching a video of the issue and some pictures of the opened tv

Block Image

Block Image

I could not find anyone on the internet with this type of image fault. About the original issue, I could not find any bad caps on the T-Con or the Mainboard.

Any help is appreciated


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No one? Please help


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The cables that you showed in the first image seemed damaged, I would replace them.

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