Why won't my Laptop start?

Pls help i need my laptop for my online exam..

my laptop wont turn on.. my laptop has been having multiple problems since this morning at first it ask for me to set up a new pin password since it got reset somehow but it wont even let me type the new pin, so i tried using other ways to sign in.. same thing it wont let me type at all.. so i tried restarting multiple times then it let me sign in through password instead of making a new pin..

then about 10am it ask for a system update and i did let it update i didnt switched off my laptop tho and around 12 i used my laptop to redownload genshin cuz it wouldnt launch for some reason and after it downloaded it still wouldnt launch so i wanted to screen record it so i tried downloading an app something called "‘Cam recorder” i think? After it downloaded i tried recording for the first time and when i tried pressing stop, it glitched and the screen turn blue so i force shutdown by using the power button and then i tried turning it back on and it says system update and the lenovo symbol but suddenly it started to beep continuously out of no where so i force shutdown again cuz it was too noisy.. the second time i tried to switch it on it wouldnt turn on.. the screen was black the whole time only the keyboard lit up.. i tried holding the power button for 15 seconds it still didn't turn on.. i even did it multiple times so i turn it off(i think it was off cuz there was no light at all from the keyboard) so i went to send my papers to school and when i came back to check my laptop.. it was so hot.. but i did turn it off tho? Why is tht?

Pls help i need it for school and its quite new i guess? It was bought last year around may-june.. im only 15 i cant afford to bring it to repair unless this is a major problem then i will.. owh and i dont care if my laptop resets or reboots since i've backed up my data alrdy its just that its a hassle to download the apps i've downloaded in there and to sign in my emails again.. but if its the only way to fix this without going to a shop then i wouldnt my resetting/rebooting my laptop

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update: it still wont turn on.. its blinking 3 times with orange lights from the charging light help please tt~tt please at least give suggestions


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