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This is a general question about electrostatic damage to the internals via the heat plate within the switch console. In very dry weather, and while wearing wool socks, I produced what was probably on the higher end of what static discharge the human body can produce to the heat plate where the vent on top of the console is. The plate basically covers the entirety of the back panel, but I think is more closely affixed to, and covers, all the components and chips and such. The console works, as of now.

What are the chances of any major passive damage having been done to any of the components?

If the chances are high, it would help a lot to know, sooner rather than later.

Here is the link for the teardown to show the interior metal panel — step 5 and 6 most clearly show the panel,

Nintendo Switch Teardown

Hear are links to the most relevant pictures,

I don’t know the assembly or materials involved very well, in their relation to static control or damage. I have zapped this poor console too many times until I finally figured out it was due to dry air. I have zapped the headphone jack, the side railings/both sides, and the one screw on top of the chassis next to the heat vent.

I’m hoping that since this plate was made to displace heat, and heat ultimately damages components over time, that there is some kind of separation sufficient to also protect the components from ESD.

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