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The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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I have a Amana top load. DD, someone removed a faulty lid switch. How

Someone removed bad lid lock switch, so I have no switch wires from the control board to the lid or to lid lock, whole wiring harness is gone. CB has green light so I know it’s not bad, how to I jump it with out the harness and switch????

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Hi @drk0341,

What is the model number of the washer?


I apologize it’s a 3.5 Cft



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Looks like this is the part you need:


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Hi @drk0341 ,

To add to the answer, if it is not marked on the control board the lid lock cable connects to connector J6. The blue wire on J6/1, the white on J6/2 and the red onJ6/3, although the cable plug should be keyed to plug in only one way.

It is not safe to bypass the lid lock as in doing so you could damage the control board and perhaps injure yourself as well. The lid lock solenoid, the lid lock switch and the lid switch all operate at 120V AC line supply voltage


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