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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen für die Surface Studio All-in-1-Desktops von Microsoft.

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Surface Studio died on it's own

I have a customer that dropped off a studio because it had died. She used it the night before and went to use it the next day and noticed it would not turn back on. She followed the usual “unplug it for 30 minutes” but that didn’t fix it. It did come back on for a brief moment with a nasty clicking sound. I’ve got it taken apart but there’s no signs of a short circuit on the board nor any burnt electronics odor you’d associate with such a sound. I did also take out the secondary HDD and hooked it up to my computer but it sounds normal to try to rule that out. Is this most likely a fried power supply or something else?

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I got it fixed. Turns out it was the power supply.

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