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Die zehnte Auflage von Samsungs Flaggschiff kam im März 2019 mit Android 9.0 (Pie) auf den Markt.

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Sim card detected but no service

First of all i have s10 lite if it matters and the problem just came randomly , phone was working fine for few months. The problem im having is my sim gets detected but I dont have any service, whats weird is that my phone only doesnt work with 1 sim card provider (Elisa, from Estonia) it works with other providers (Tele2). The same card works on my other phone though, I bought a new sim (elisa) it also didnt work on my s10 lite but worked on my other old phone, I also did an factory reset that also didnt work. Anything else I can try?

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As the problem you have described here only specific mobile provider sim is not working. You have already checked with another provider as well as both the sim slot, and it is working fine.

Seems like the problem is with mobile company in your area. We can’t say the problem is in the phone until sim provider haven’t confirmed. Please visit their nearest service branch to confirm the issue.

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The problem is the some model phones won't work on the new 5g network, my daughter has a Samsung S20 which is about a year old, and her model number doesn't get recognised by the 5g. It's like the cell phone companies are monopolising the system to make customers purchase new phones, out of pocket.

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