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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen zur Demontage des MacBook Pro 16", das im November 2019 auf den Markt kam.

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How to make sure that a screen replacement is needed?


I dropped my MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019) and the top left corner of the screen is a bit bent and cracked.

The screen stays black but the MacBook works fine with an external monitor and the backlight seems to work fine as well.

I already tried all the different rebooting and key combination recommended, the flashlight test and I also tried to disconnect and reconnect the screen (step 19 -> MacBook Pro 16" 2019 Screen Replacement).

And I wanted to know if there is a way to be sure that a screen replacement is needed ? Does a bent and cracked screens necessarily mean that the screen can’t work ?

Thank you

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@usera - Alex sadly you do need a new display assembly ;-{

No question here the LCD display panel is a unitized version where the cover glass is part of the panel its self. In older systems there was an air gap between Apple was one of the first companies to do away with the independent cover glass on their laptops.

Here's the needed part:

And here’s the guide to put it in MacBook Pro (16 Zoll, 2019) Display tauschen

These displays are in short supply! So if you need it fixed sooner you’ll need to visit an Apple Store.

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Thank you . That's what I was thinking.


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typically when you smack a screen like this either the cable \ ribbon has come lose (if your lucky)

or the glass is toast and with how LCDs work odds are the whole screen will need to be replaced.

un fortunately it looks like its the latter. if youre adventurous enough and are going to repair it your self any way take it apart and look to see how the connections are.

im not super familiar with these but is there a way to hook up an external monitor? you can test to see if the laptop still works and that could be another way to see.

i hope this helps a little

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Yes it works fine with an external monitor (with an hdmi adapter). So i guess chance are high that the whole screen need to be replaced


@usera unfortunately yea it sounds like youll need a new screen. atleast you can use it still if you need with the other monitor! good luck with the repair!


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