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Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Repair?

Has anyone disassembled a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser? Mine has broken; I am getting a replacement and I have been asked to throw (responsibly - https://www.dualit.com/weee-policy) the non-working one away and I thought I would try to fix it anyway.

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Hi, my partner has just blown hers up with as it had got wet on the inside and didnt allow me strip it down and dry it off.

Have you still got this old unit, i would be interested in the values of a couple of the resistors that have blown up on ours and am unable to get the values of them.




I will have a look - post a photo of what you need.


me too. it must be a common fault as two resistors close to the black capacitor have overheated. I know they will be available but cant see the values as theyre sizzled. Do you still have any pics of that part of the circuit board?


I found the details here on this repair guide https://helpfulcolin.com/repaired-dualit... the PCB pic is here in response to a comment of someone asking for the resistor values.


As Dualit make the velvetiser, this board is identical, from wording on velvetiser it looks like they have a slightly different firmware which controls speeds and temperatures differently.

I replaced my resistors and fuse and it blew again straight away, I suspect the MOSFET has gone as well.

I bought a cheap Dualit to take the PCB out of to put in the velevtiser, but in the end the other half said to just leave it and to use the Dualit.

To be honest I prefer the look and the features of the Dualit to the velvetiser.




Can i buy a frothier for my velvateer?


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I have since found that the Dualit DMF2 is really the same machine, same electronics, maybe a tweak to software based on the “calibration” Hotel Chocolat say they have done.

Found a teardown and repair of that which had what I wanted https://helpfulcolin.com/repaired-dualit...

If you are looking to fix your this Dualit model is half the price of the velvetiser.



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